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Originally Posted by shooterm View Post
I've been on the look out for a $400 to $500 21". Walked into a Tractor Supply and noticed a lady pushing a new Bad Boy 21" out. Talked to the sales rep and no more floor models but explained people really seemed to like them. Went home to do alittle research on them. Noticed they do have the "upgraded" BS commercial motor in it. All features of the mid range mowers and wheels seem to be beefed up abit. One goofy thing is I cant find one review of thing using google. I guess without handeling one it hard to check the quality but what is others views or experience with this machine? I understand this isn't a commercial push or the fact its not better then a Exmark 21". Thanks for any input.
I know I am two years late, but I have the snapper from Sears, model number SPV21675. I do lawns on the side, and I do around 12 a week for 5-6 months out of the year in Austin Tx. I love everything about this mower, the one lever to adjust the height is amazing, and very strong and durable, I thought it would be flimsy, but not at all, even after four years. I will say I replaced the engine 1 1/2 years after buying the mower. It came with BS 6.75 torque engine, not commercial, I replaces it with a BS 8.75 torque engine, commercial. I got the engine from, and I highly recommend them as well, fast service cheap price and free shipping. I have now seen this snapper mower with the engine I now have on it for sale at my local dealer for 700. Mine was 400 from Sears, plus 200 or so for engine later, so 600 total, but it works great. It bags very well too. It picks up live oak leaves and acorns very well.
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