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Originally Posted by Kings of Green LLC View Post
I I run walkers now ghs 48" just trying to get away from bagging. Love th
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I ran the GHS's for over 25 years and yes they are a great mower if you want to bag... I was in the same boat as you and it just wasn't economical for us to bag any more. We tried side discharging and that didn't go over well at all with our spoiled clients that were use to years of being cut with a GHS. The next step was using mulch kits on our walkbehinds and standers. Worked better than the side discharging but was a slower and more tedious job. When Walker came out with their 52" Rear discharge/mulch combo design we bought one and was absolutely floored at its performance. We couldn't buy another one fast enough. After the success of the MBS we thought that we would give an MB a try. So we bought an MB with the 48" mulch deck and our clients would run out and thank us for bring the "yellow mowers" back on their properties. Little did they know that we were mulching now instead of bagging. The MB 23EFI is one incredible machine. You must demo both the MB and MBS and see what will work for you. The MBS does better if you have larger properties and it will handle taller grass fast. The MB is faster than a GHS but is still better suited on properties under 1-1.5 acres. Both machines are outstanding on hills though I feel the MB handles them better.
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