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I agree replenish&subdue

There are no organic products that stand up for their own as a decent cost effective lawn pesticide.
If there was, we would all be using it and promoting it with pride.

That is why the sale of Organic Products is always supplemented with

"Danger!!! You will get Cancer using Chemical Pesticides! We can prove it with Study XYZ"

Then they refer you to Beyond Pesticides or Panna to prove it.

Here is a mock statement, you will see in the Literature Reviews that the Anti Pesticide Lovers use as Proof of Cancer and Pesticides.

"Conclusion: The Study (Study XYZ), which involved only a questionnaire asking 100 family members of deceased cancer patients with cancer in 1990. Of those 100 family members they may have recalled (with no proof) the deceased family member being in contact with household pesticides (no specific one) on more than one occasion" ."From these epidemiological finding, there is a 60% chance that you can get cancer from pesticides."

Still makes me laugh nobody is selling Organic Sod.
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