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Originally Posted by Seabreeze View Post
Can service auto pilot sync with quickbooks online when using a mac?
i'm almost sure that is a yes...and their customer support is apparently top notch, so they would be able to tell you the definite of right now, we are content with using gopher, parallels, and my macbook pro...i think we will inevitably switch to Service Auto Pilot in the future, but it's expensive...i understand that you pay for what you get, and SAP in my opinion, and years of research really, is the best out there, but it was around $130 or so per month, gopher was a one time $200 and i will never have to pay an extra dime, that's kind of a hard pill to swallow...i understand it does a LOT more than gopher, it's just an additional expense i don't want to pay for right now if we don't have to
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