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Originally Posted by grandview (2006) View Post
I've picked up a few people because of that thinking. But on the other end they will pay for a seasonal plowing contract and not even think about a refund if it don't snow.

Commercial work you can get away with a skip.
This is because people are use to buying snow removal for the season.

However people see mowing as a weekly service. In their mind they are being charged by the month for every weekly mow. This causes them to think if a service is skipped one week they should not be charged for it.

The problem with LCO's having cash flow problems is that when they mow for 30 weeks and take in $1,000 a week they spend as if they are going to make $52,000 a year instead in reality they will only be earning $30,000.

The problem is not not having enough cash flow throughout the whole year.

The problem with cash flow is that the LCO spends $22,000 more then the $32,000 he is really making.
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