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Kohler CH16s will not start. Fuel issue.

I have a Cub Cadet model 2166 with a kohler single cylinder 16 hp engine. The engine is model #CH16S with a Spec #45509. The problem started like this: I would be cutting grass and the engine would began running rough and quit. I would try to restart and it would flood out. When I would take the air filter off there would be gas poring out of the carburetor. Most of the time if it sat a little while it would start and I could cut more grass. Thought it might have been the carb So we replaced it. Still had the same issue and has gotten to the point now it won't start. I can get it to start by squirting some starting fluid into the carb. Once the starting fluid runs out it will quit. If I unhook the fuel line it will pump plenty of fuel through the line. I still replaced the fuel pump. Someone told me that it could be trash in the bowl and once it sat for a few minutes it would settle back to the bottom of the bowl and it would start. There seemed to be a lot of trash in the bowl so I did he following: cleaned out the fuel tank, replaced the gas line, put on a new kohler gas filter and put new gas in the tank. It will start as long as I squirt starting fluid in the carb. I read where the solenoid on the bottom of the carb could be bad and to check it I take it out and could screw the plug in the bottom of the carburetor to see if it would start. The plunger on solenoid looked rusty so I screwed the plug in the bottom of the carb. It still won't start unless I squirt starting fluid in the carb. Got any ideas?
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