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Hey guys been a while since I have posted on here. More of a looker then contributor lately. However I am going to start this thread to start posting projects.
History - Started Oct 2007 with basically a Yukon and a small $500 loan, I worked full time for 2.5 years and ran a one man crew until I got a large contract in Dec of 2010. Quit the county job and took off with this. In 2012 my brother moved down and partnered up with me. And here we are today
Vehicles - 4 maintenance, 1 irrigation van, 3 landscape, 1 sales truck
Shop - 3000 sqft, about to move into a larger one in 6 months. Going to be 10K sqft and half an acre yard
Accounts - 50/50 landscape and maintenance, mostly large commercial accounts
Specialty - custom wood fences and large acre properties
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