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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
more of a headache to me because should they wanna stop your services mid season guys who made the contract wanna fight about trying to make the clients honor the contract and sometimes lawyers get involved. ".
What are you talking about if they want to stop a contract they just give notice and service stops. Now since they are always paying in rears, sometimes they change their mind when they get a final bill. And no we don't charge them for services not rendered.

Some call it contracts but basically it is an agreement to spread the changes evenly across 12 months. Why is that good? That means a lot of people set up auto pay and forget it. When people see 4 weeks charges some months and 5 weeks in other months it can give them pause to call the lawn boy.

It also get people away from thinking about how much is each mow. We set it out as visits. Learned this from TruGreen. So if we visit and don't mow it is still a charge. And yes if we visit we will do something related to guality, like weed the beds.

It does take a good salesman to sell monthly and don't try to sell it to anybody old.
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