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Originally Posted by ryan41 View Post
found out today that my credit score is 570. Not sure how bad that is?
A 570 is bad. The effect a bad credit score can have your life mind boggling. More and more places are pulling credit reports, banks for new accounts, cell phone companies, utility companies, etc. A bad credit score will haunt you for years. I had to pass up some very lucrative opportunities because I had bad credit and don't want to see you experience the same things.

I urge you to not brush this off, but rather flearn everything you can about credit scores and reports. Most importantly, how to repair the damage you have already done. It can be done, and no, it doesnt cost anything except a bit of time and some postage. DO NOT hire a credit repair company, the vast majority of them are shams. Go to and click on the communities link. There are some VERY smart people there that know more about credit scoring than the people who designed the scoring system.

Do not just let this go, it will haunt you for years.
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