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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
Most people here are small. Many solo or they run one truck with 1 or 2 helpers.

The solo LCO that does 40 lawns a week clearing $8 profit each is going to make $320 for himself.

The big company that has same work per truck at the same profit for example has 10 trucks makes the owner $3,200 for the week.
The big company that has 20 trucks makes $6,400 for the week for the owner.

There is more then one way to value what a good profit is.

Well you let me know how that 8 percent works for you. Ill be honest i think its a bunch of stupidity. For all the trouble you would have to go through with the mind set of clearing so little profit. So if you did ONE MILLION dollars in revenue, lets just say grossed. Then all you got out of all that headache was 80,000 dollars? You really think thats a good philosophy. When most solo operations make half of that amount. I understand it would work for someone like trugreen but im referring to operations that employ 4 to 50 people.
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