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Alright guys got some final numbers going let me know how this sounds. Running the whole thing at 25$ an hour which i know sounds crazy cheap but like i said its more of experience for me then making money and both the client and i know that. That being said i have priced
fireplace: 2250
bar: 2500
Open shelter 16x16: 3000
Dirt work: 2000
Stained cement pad 16x18: 2000

Do you guys price each item out like this or do you send in a bid that says x amount of dollars. Also i know i am going to need some wiggle room should i just add say 10% to each number for unexpected things i will come across?

Right now bid come out to about 12,000
Figured for labor and material I'm sitting at about 9 grand.
Please don't tell me I'm a low baller and so on and so forth that is why i am asking for help on this let me know what is to low or high. I appreciate the feedback and the help. I don't want people to think I'm some scrub i am licensed insured pay taxes etc. just mainly do maintenance type work and am trying to branch out. Thanks.
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