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Originally Posted by MiModernLawn View Post
I talked to Andy at the OTF show in Columbus in December. He's tried for years to get my company to switch to Z-Sprays and i think this year he may get us to. One of my other concerns was just about the size of the Z-Sprays over the permagreens. Is it even feasible to do the small broken up lawns with the Z-Spray? We are planning on keeping our two Magnum's, one for our city route and one as a backup or possibly to use in my route on lawns too small for the Z. I absolutely love the idea of a hose reel on my machine to get weeds around flower bed edges and such, i could pretty much do away with my backpack sprayer. Other than downhill dives are there any drawbacks to the Z's? or are there any parts i should keep in the truck with me for common breakdowns? I've been in the industry for 10 years and my Dad has been in the industry for 33 years. We know that it isn't all about quantity and how much you can get done in a day, although it is a big part it is not everything. In your opinions, why is the Z-Spray better or worse? More even coverage with liquid? Better agitation liquid and dry? Maintenance intervals? Stability on hills? effort in operating? Ease of doing regular maintenance? Life of common wear items? Spinning or tear marks in lawn? Excessive noise? Does the deflector work better than the triumph? Damage to soft or wet ground? liquid system filtration? i know its a lot of questions but we are extremely thorough in everything we do and i just want to make sure were buying the best machines, not just the fastest or most productive. Thanks again guys.
Doing a search on here will tell you all you need to know and I can tll you with certainty that once you move up to a Z-Spray or even a Turfco 3000 you will be selling those permagroins on craigslist.

It's a proven machine with high productivity, low maintenance and customer service thats second to none from the guys at LTR.

I can tell you with 100% fact that any part on your machine, is sitting on their shelf and or in a computer program and will be on your door next day if you're in Mi. if you need a part. Maybe two days if you order after 3 or whatever.
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