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I will agree it just takes time to build credit, I got a credit right when I turned 18 I've had credit for a little over 6 years now, and haven't had a late payment since 2007 and still my credit score is only 680 fico and trans union is a 689 and my experian is a 722 but I don't think banks or anyone use the experian only the trans union. and I have 3 major cards I use, and still have my credit score tracker with discover which i check all the time. sometimes I pay the balance off in full sometimes I don't. either way I never make the minimum payment always 2-300 hundred and the minimum is 40. the things that are hurting my credit score, are my short history, and having limits of 2000 or less was hurting me, but recently one of cards was increased to 1500 for a total of 3500 on that card. But it just takes time....a mortgage will boost your credit the most, an installment loan actually doesn't help at all, and a having credit cards with a balance of over 50% for a long period of time will hurt your score too. 1 missed payment isn't really a big deal. but applying for loans and getting denied is and will lower your score, you don't want a bank to check your credit if you know you will get denied because them looking on your report stays there for a while.
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