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well after finally taking my pistol permit class, I have decided not to carry, there may be times when I will, but certainly not while working, it would be very tough and highly unlikely that my life will ever be in danger in the cities and towns I work in, not saying its impossible but the crime rates in which the neighborhoods I do work in is very low. just about no shootings. no car jackings, almost no armed robbery. I will still buy 3-4 pistols but probably only carry when going to places that have mass amounts of people that are more prone to committing crimes. places like the mall near me are much more dangerous then anywhere I go for work. really the mall is probably the most dangerous place i frequent. so for me carrying would just not be very useful. but good luck to anyone who is and wants to. home defense is probably the only time I will need to fire any weapon the rest of the time will be as a hobby.
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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