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Originally Posted by ksss View Post
I am impressed. Most 14 year olds are more interested in playing video games than making money. I would also however suggest starting out with a 10K machine, because in worst case senerio most 10K machines will still be worth 10K next year. This is oppossed to a 30-40 K machine which will continue a steady decline. Being 14 things happen and being saddled to a big payment may not be a good idea. This entire posts begs for a lot of questions like who's company is this, who is cosigning and who drives you around to these jobs but I digress. Good luck.
Ill anser them step dad owns it legally till I'm 18 were all legal and stuff he would cosign but it would be financed unert the company him and bust our butts on the weekends working he works full time as a navy contractor I'm hoping If This year goes good of I get enough contracts signed ill add a atleast parttime employee to work with me /drive while he's working . I'm also homeschooled
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