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Originally Posted by Procut lawn expert View Post
That's good.but even better I have a a spread sheet that would go with this. And I don't know how to post it so could I email it to you and you post it cause I wiould love for these guys to have it. It's setup to track the Jody backwards when you finish .it breaks it down to net profit and what you make per billable man HR. I thought I was doing good by looking at net profit but when I broke it all down backwards after the job all the way down to what I ended up making and what I made per hour for the whole crew. Yea I have nothing else to say because jobs with less .profit. Can still come out with more money per hour than a job with big profit if it toke you longer than estimated hours. All I can say is after I did this spread sheet I didn't leave were I was sitting for over 9 hours the first time .I made this in a financial class and just coming out with this information paid for the 3,000 class.
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