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Originally Posted by GQLL View Post
You have no idea about the bobcat dealer. There not a small company they have six location all over the state. I'm pretty sure you were talking to Gary and he is the branch manager for the tidewater location. I deal with them a lot they do have a service truck that will do on site service. There quick to get repairs done had a power rake break and they had it up and running in 3 hours. I have nothing but praise for the people at bobcat of tidewater. And if I was in there shoes I would be worried putting a 14 year old in a 70k machine. When I was 14 I was running a old 82 bobcat. That was worth maybe 2200
Well from what I knew they Dident have a service truck guess they do I'm pretty sure it was him. Michael was the first person I dealt with and he was fantastic. I get what your saying bro worried but it's not like I would break/wreck it I've driven multable before but I felt like he Dident take me seriously just because I was 14 obviously if I was their taking time out of my day to come see bobcats I wouldent be wasting his time. It doesent really matter to me I'm gonna problay end up getting a cat when I get one it was gonna be a bobcat but after today it was a deal braker but oh well
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