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Best mower/livestock for 4+ acres

We're in the process of purchasing 5 acres, most cleared (see pic) with a pond/sm lake section in back. Over the next few years we would like to begin a mini-homestead kind of thing, with a garden and some livestock. Initially, we are going to have to mow until we decide where to fence and add livestock. What would be the best mower for this? Also, do any of you recommend which part we should fence first and if so, what type of livestock? We're thinking some miniature goats, a sheep or two, maybe a cow? My husband is focused more on the gardening end. With my country upbringing (and biology major) I'm more interested in the animals. I don't want my view of the pond from the back porch blocked unless absolutely necessary. He's thinking of putting the garden right there with an 8 ft. high deer fence. I can probably persuade him that the garden needs to go in front (toward the road) of the house. Anyway for the next couple of years, we are going to have to mow/cut. Any suggestions?
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