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Originally Posted by MJ Services View Post
mama says, if you ain't got nuttin nice to say, then don't say it at all.....I give the kid props for going to college and OWNING and RUNNING his own successful company. Not only is he doing it, he had the balls to give it a try. Compare him to 95% of his classmates that go to class, come home and drink and smoke reefer the rest of the day....It's hard to argue with success.

I agree. I'm at the tail end of my college career (21 & graduating in the spring w/ associate's in Hort) I went to a university right out of high school. Went for 1.5 yrs. Hated it there, the "chilling in the quad/dorm/commons/etc after class" was not for me. I ended up finding a tech college 6 miles from home that has a great hort program and I look forward to school every day. I started my company in 2011 and grew pretty slow but from about May -now It was all I did, I didn't work anywhere else for guaranteed income. Best decision I've ever made. Its very stressful a lot of the time but this year will be a big year so its worth it, my company grew 550% from yr 1 to 2. Looking to grow another 300% at least for 2013. My company is full service. Design, construction (hardscape, softscape, water features), maintenance, and snow & ice management.

For the OP, I'd say if he wants to do it, maybe find a college that offers a hort program and also take biz related classes. Originally at the university I was at I took several accounting classes on top of generals so I have a pretty good basis of running a business' financials.

I only have one class remaining before I graduate besides an online based "internship class" which I am able to use my company for, so I kinda feel like a bum going from 19 credits last semester to now 6 my one class ends at the end of March and the internship class starts in April amd ends early May.

My regrets, I didn't get my advertising out early enough in '11 and last yr I created a partnership with a now former friend and we didn't advertise, we ended after a month and a half. Got in with a house flipping Company and made decent money with spring clean ups & installs but disagreed on numerous things and it drove us apart for good. Definitely hindered focusing on my company which I should have done all along. I also wish I would have started on my own before I was 19. I've worked in the industry since I was 15 (summer jobs) but always planned on going to college for meteorology or accounting, if you would have told me in my jr yr of HS that I'd own a landscape company during my sr yr of college Id never believe you. Ha.
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