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Not trying to be a hard ass... But I don't own a company.. so tell me otherwise.. ( I really mean this) And I've had a couple drinks so psh me off please.. But!

I just don't understand after 20 years of owning a company you are still needing advice on what to do? I'm more then likely half your age and need no advice on what to do if I chose to own a company.. Id just do it :/ Maybe that is the reason why I haven't made this decision?

An anycase.. As you can read online in any company in any industry.. Expansion means investment! What does investment mean? Investment is a Gamble! Gamble is a % of the risk you are willing to take for yourself. So what's your risk?

Breaking it down. If you owned a business and was looking to expand... you should expect a few things..A business .. In it's current area should expect to have high profits with and expanding client base.. A prospering outlook in your own area is what's needed.. Basic economics is to try and corner your market and control it. This is fairly well regulated to most professionsals as we all want to make a living. ( Except for the ****** hack landscaper) .. So once you are doing well in your own market ( Which I'm sure you are in 20 years!) It's time to take a chance.. chance means the risk you are willing to take .. If I invest 110k for 1 new person into a truck.. parts.. a place and crewman into a unknown area that someone else already controls the market.. I better be ready to accept risk..

The mere fact you are on here suggests that you aren't ready. Otherwise you would do it.. I of course wish you the best of luck and as well support local friendly competition..
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