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Originally Posted by ArizPestWeed View Post
General pest and perimeter pest ?
I think they are the same thing . You need a separate license for general pest control and a back pack will do if you use Temprid .

It's pretty simple
Depending on your location and pest pressure, I will disagree about the PRETTY SIMPLE for the simpleton. Once you start offering Perimeter pest control you open your self up to structural pest control and call backs when the customer gets bugs of any kind inside the house. German Roaches are real common all over the USA and can spread real easy via Pizza home delivery. They are also very hard to control in most cases. All restaurants will have roaches of some kind once and a while. Pest control of food handling areas is a big business and Eco Lab is a nation wide company that only does Hotels and Restaurants.

Bed Bugs are in the news big time and spreading all over the world due resistances to sodium blocker insecticide including DDT and Pyrethroid. Grain Beetles are part of a group of insects called Pantry Pests and I just treated my own house for them. I bought them at supermarket and they were package in pasta but spread once in my pantry.

My point being while perimeter treatment can help reduce pest pressure, BUT it is not a cure all. You might want to look real hard before you leap into a business that sounds to good to be true.


it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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