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I think I have fixed some of the problems mentioned... I had 2 SEO plugins running so I disabled one, and hopefully that did something for duplicate tags. The text that was offscreen was put there because the header is a custom graphic and that is how the theme delt with the company name, just pushed it off to the side. I set that back to display, but left it blank, and put my company name etc into a footer. I dont know if that will be searched as much as if it was a header?? I wonder if I can move the header to display down at the bottom of the page instead of off to the side?

I also cleaned up caps, tried format the town links to be sentence form (not sure if google will care), added a facebook/google+ plugin...

Now I need to work on image tags, titles, and optimize, and then work on text content.

I think I'm getting somewhere.
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