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I used a permagreen magnum for several years then went to a z-spray, been using it for 2 years now. Permagreens don't come close to the z's. they suck for turning, their spray system is crappy, the hopper always came open in trasport spilling fert everywhere and they have no where to store extra bags of fert like the z's do, and the hose reel is nice as hell. Locking front casters on the z'max makes riding hills simple and for those places you can't ride you can increase your throw distance and pull your hose off to spray so you don't end up in a pond, ya you need a trailer for it, but as fast as you can throw fert you need a trailer to store it because your going to be spending more time and fuel running back to wherever your material is stored because you keep running out. I can't believe noone has mentioned that the z's can and should be driven with one hand leaving a free hand to operate valves and the hopper lever. Its a no brainer in my opinion go with the z-spray, you won't regret it.

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