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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
I agree. I'm at the tail end of my college career (21 & graduating in the spring w/ associate's in Hort) I went to a university right out of high school. Went for 1.5 yrs. Hated it there, the "chilling in the quad/dorm/commons/etc after class" was not for me. I ended up finding a tech college 6 miles from home that has a great hort program and I look forward to school every day. I started my company in 2011 and grew pretty slow but from about May -now It was all I did, I didn't work anywhere else for guaranteed income. Best decision I've ever made. Its very stressful a lot of the time but this year will be a big year so its worth it, my company grew 550% from yr 1 to 2. Looking to grow another 300% at least for 2013. My company is full service. Design, construction (hardscape, softscape, water features), maintenance, and snow & ice management.

For the OP, I'd say if he wants to do it, maybe find a college that offers a hort program and also take biz related classes. Originally at the university I was at I took several accounting classes on top of generals so I have a pretty good basis of running a business' financials.

I only have one class remaining before I graduate besides an online based "internship class" which I am able to use my company for, so I kinda feel like a bum going from 19 credits last semester to now 6 my one class ends at the end of March and the internship class starts in April amd ends early May.

My regrets, I didn't get my advertising out early enough in '11 and last yr I created a partnership with a now former friend and we didn't advertise, we ended after a month and a half. Got in with a house flipping Company and made decent money with spring clean ups & installs but disagreed on numerous things and it drove us apart for good. Definitely hindered focusing on my company which I should have done all along. I also wish I would have started on my own before I was 19. I've worked in the industry since I was 15 (summer jobs) but always planned on going to college for meteorology or accounting, if you would have told me in my jr yr of HS that I'd own a landscape company during my sr yr of college Id never believe you. Ha.
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Isn't it funny how fast things change right after high school, I went straight into college as a music major for two semesters, then into the Army on an M1A1 then was selected for Drill Seargent School so did that for awhile, all that between 18-28, those were some wild years, and now I'm building a landscaping business or at least trying.Yesterday I found a local College that offers horticulture going to check it out today.
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