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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I've never heard that N would oxidize or succumb to solar degradation... It does 'volatize' or evaporate and 'leach' or wash through the soil into the water tables...

The nice thing about slow release, it shoouldn't volatize during a drought... But then one wouldn't need to fertilize again after the drought... that was more the point I was going after...

I believe that nitrogen burn is real and during the course of a hot dry summer, that it is possible to weaken grass plants enough with excessive N to kill them...
Even though the N applications are 4 weeks apart, when the first application is still extant in the soil we are creating a buildup...

My belief in N burn however is just from watching TGCL do their 6 - 7 apps on nonirrigated sand...
This may be off the general discussion.

If severe droughts occur and normal fertilization continues. I also believe continuing to fertilize with N will definitely cause turf to exhaust energy and become week. I also feel in these situations of drought. The right fertilizer is most important in preventing osmosis of water in the root system by compounding salt in the soil higher than the salt content of the root system. This is droughts biggest issues when considering GOOD or BAD fertilizer quality's. Especially around coastal salt spray areas.
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