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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
If you have a basic mineral clay, w/out a decent amount of undigested OM, you are likely to just get a mold growing on top of the clay from your sugar app...

If it were me, I would put a layer of dead grass in the pot,,, even worked into the surface a bit to have something of substance for the microbes to begin building structure with the clay platelets...
The clay pots will compact themselves with a good soaking with water... So I would make the difference between these various pots the frequncy and types of watering... i.e. one can be kept wet , the 2nd canbe allowed to dry completely between waterings and the 3rd could be overwatered...

For number 2,,, I wouldn't let the entire pot dry out between waterings, but would make sure the top inch or so, is completely dried...

I believe that number 2 is the critical formula for building decent soil structure...

Once you dig up soil and put it in a pot, you have disturbed it and changed its structure from what it was in the undisturbed ground -- so, it wouldn't at all be an accurate representation of field conditions. Universities would test this in situ using lysimeters pounded into the ground.

If we think that microbes alone are responsible for building structure, then we don't understand microbes or even soil structure very well. You've also shown us that you don't understand clay very well. 2:1 clays shrink and swell with wetting and drying -- which causes cracks and promotes structure.

But, it seems like you're looking at minutia to try to find some magic bullet to grow grass. Soil structure isn't that important to growing a lawn, unless th esoil is a structureless solid mass. As we discussed before, microbial ativity isn't the magic bullet to growing grass. Growing grass creates healthy microbial populations, not the other way around.
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