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Need some in put on LARGE weed whacking job

I am putting in a bid at a local factory but need some input from you guys first. The whole property is 9 acres....2 acres of it is hillside that is not only too steep too mow but also too rough with rocks and wash outs. The maintenance manager has already expressed his desire to have it mowed but it's just not possible. He wants it mowed/trimmed down 2-3 times a year. So not only would the incline and roughness make it impossible, you would be crawling in 3 foot high weeds.

How long would it take you guys to weed whack a 2 acre hillside? I just got done measuring this ditch that I do a couple times a year and it is 4000 sq/ft and it takes me an hour. At that rate, that's a 22 hour job. I think charging for those hours will cause me to lose the bid. Should it be fewer hours or more? Just wondering how fast you guys can do it.
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