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Originally Posted by Kings of Green LLC View Post
Hey joe what size of deck do you like for residential the 48" or 52" I have a 52" stander and it doesn't seem to get used a lot.
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Wow Kings that's a loaded question. Ask 10 different people that and you will certainly get 10 different answers. I think you kind of answered it already for yourself. You really have to define what your need is and use the size that works the best. IMOP, If you are dealing with 5-10K or less residential lots I would prefer a 48" over a 52" unless everything is wide open and flat. I feel that though a 52" could be more productive it can also be a hindrance if you have yards with tight areas or uneven terrain. If you primarily cut 10K lots and up you are better off with a 52" in most cases. With that said with our stand-ons we feel we can get away with using a bigger mower on the smaller lots (but that also depends on the operator). You definitely don't want to waist space on you trailer with a bigger mower if you are only able to cut a yard or two a day with it. Sounds like the 48" is the best for you. 4" more really doesn't make enough difference that will kill you.

Having this conversation with you leads me to believe the MB would be perfect for you. The MBS is a much bigger machine that may just get in your way if you don't have enough of the larger properties to use it on. As you know one of the beauties of Walker is that you can swap out the decks to suite your needs. The MB 23 EFI will accept up to a 74" deck if need be. My distributor tells me he sells a lot of them in that configuration. Though it may not be as fast as the Super B you will be able to use it on all of your properties and it is a bit cheaper. Feel free to send me a PM with your phone number if you want to talk more in depth about the MB & MBS.
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