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Sounds like your customer is throwing the book at you for wants and just seeing what all they can get out of you. You will need help with this trimming job and you should bill for your time , if you are a solo op and cannot get help , you may have to break the trimming into sections and do it in the evening throughout one week , break it into 3 or 4 sections and do it this way if you really want the account and can get the money to justify 4 trips to a site other wise 4 guys on a trimmer one visit , But regardless how you actually physically do it , time is money and if they will not pay have them get some one else , my opinion at least , these big trimming accounts can really make you miserable and sometimes are better to just walk away from them if you can't get the money for them. I would try to break up the bid , one for the mowing job you actually want then the hillside this gives them the option to hire you for one and not the other if budgett does not permit. just my opinion though , hope it helps.
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