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Originally Posted by slowleak1 View Post
All echos come with speed feeds these days. As for the way you run your shields...doesn't make much sense.

Cant go wrong with buying from hd either. Anything over 299 is interest free for 6 months...helps keep your credit up.
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how does it not make sence?.. They simply run better with more line, more tq. especially an Echo because they dont give you much swath.. If you let out 25%-30% more line "and an srm230 can handel that" then you trim 25% to 30% faster..thats proven! saves 15-20 min for every hour not quite sure what you dont understand? explain.. plus if your any taller then 5'9 edging is sooooomuch easier on the back with more line because your not bendind over holding the trimmer to the ground

And you can go really wrong buying from homedepot (unless it is for a backup)

If that machine goes down for any reason they are going to send it back to get factory serviced and your not going to see it for 3 weeks..My business cant operate that way!!
if im spending 300$ on a trimmer and it shits the bed, i expect to bring it back to my dealer and have him give me a loaner untill it is fixed the verry next day!!!!
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