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Originally Posted by rflandscape View Post
So I Had a Deal come up today that Iím not sure I can pass up. Not what Iím in the market for, but think I my purchase just for a Stump and Boulder hauler. I have a Friend that has a 1990 GMC 8500 Tandem with 103,000 org. miles. 3126 Cat Engine 16' Bed not bent or dented at all just alittle wear in the bottom. All Aluminum Buds, New Rubber all the way around, Interior is in great condition and body is in great condition. Walking beam suspension Pintal Hitch and New Electric Tarp $9000. What to yíall think on this Truck?
If it is a '90 then it would be a 3116 not the 3126. What is the transmission? If it's in decent shape it sounds good.
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