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Originally Posted by LawnMastersTx View Post
Great idea, one problem is our fluctuating PSI for the irrigation. Since not all of our meters are dedicated irrigation, when testing is going on in a lab at night or a chilling tower is in operation, our PSI is greatly effect. If I had a static PSI that I knew would remain constant on campus, then your idea would be great and I am still going to export the information and see what comes out of it. The problem with exporting it into a spreadsheet is that the zone already ran and the water has been wasted. If I keep the threshold at the 5 GPM and not use the check valves, when a break occurs, the system will shut off and the water will not be wasted. Last year we received only 5 calls of irrigation breaks during the night, 5 calls for the whole season.
You wouldn't export into a spreadsheet on a daily basis, but rather into a database in realtime, say every 30 secs or 1 minute or however often your data collection occurs. Then run your programmed routine against the database on whatever interval you want, then instruct the system to do what you want based on the result of the routine. It's just 1's and 0's man.

In order to deal with pressure fluctuations, you would need to also log pressure along with flow. With that data you could eliminate most of the non-break related pressure caused flow fluctuations.

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