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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
Also, use the resources at your disposal. Given this is a University, perhaps you could get the school of computer sciences to program it for you ... FOC. The programming involved is rather simple. Personally if it were me, I would be using postgresql with postgis and a web based interface so you can get your pad interface to it.
The real time data collection is done within Calsense program and I am not sure if I have a way of accessing this information while the program is operating. If I was able to have access to each controller during operation then there would not be a problem but I am having to access through a HUB and then LR (low radio frequency) to each controller in the field. The time laps from my computer to a controller is 5-8 seconds. One controller would be possible, but not all 106 controllers unless they were linked to a central database. Calsense's database is on each controller which then sends the information the the server after the data has been collected.

Your method would intrigue central irrigation programmers on being able to handle fluctuating flows/pressure. Have you worked with any central irrigation systems out there?
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