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Incorporating my company.


I have around 40 lawns.

My current name is " MTL Lawn Care Services"

I often get asked to repeat the MTL part, or what it stands for.

I was thinking of changing the name when I incorporate. my clients know me well so the name change would not be a big deal for my existing clientele.

In the future I want to branch in to managing properties for HOA's, business parks, and rental properties, with a focus being on the lawns.

I was thinking of something like "L.A.P.S. INC" .... Lawn And Property Services, Incorporated.

what do you guys think.

also, we are going with an S-Corp.

the thing i didnt like about MTL was that it didnt really mean anything, and is sort of forgetful.

4th year in business. Thanks.
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