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Originally Posted by KYMan View Post
Yeah I know I'll be using a brush cutter head as string would just be wasting my time. By the several responses that I have already read, so....20-22 hrs is actually a pretty good estimate on how long it will take then.. And I just bought a new FS100 too dangit. Won't be able to use it b/c it won't accept a blade. I'll get a new FS110 too I reckon....may sell the 100...has less than 4 hours on it probably.

Never thought about the spraying but wouldn't that lead to erosion? I also have a pull behind mower for my ATV that I have considered using but at such a slow speed given the height of the grass, I don't think it would hold the hill going upwards, definitely not across the hill....flip over in a heartbeat.
If your going to get a brush cutter, get something thats at least 45cc! That way you can load heavy line on it for other jobs. That FS110 isnt much more than a heavy trimmer with handle bars.
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