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Originally Posted by rreyn1812 View Post
I have two of the top of the line Honda residential mowers with BBC. I used them for one year commercially and they performed flawlessly. They did start smoking more than I like after a full year of constant use. There are others on here that have used them too, with varying degrees of success. I let them languish for a year and just got them running again and will probably sell them in the spring. Basically, if you don't use them very much, they should last a long time.

After using them, and then giving up most of my smaller lawns, I bought a John Deere JS36 with a B&S engine (6.75) and it was about $300 less than the Honda and the parts cost less and are more readily available in my area and it does just as good a job for less. For limited use, I like the B&S engine on a simple mower and it should last pretty much forever.
Thanks for the post! I bought three Toro push mowers in the past and after about a year or two they don't hold up any longer. The Personal Pace system went out on all three after about a year. The deck height mechanism was so worn out on the wheels that they wouldn't stay on the correct height. I don't put over 30 hours on a push mower per year either. The last one I bought was a Craftsman push mower. Just a plain basic mower. It lasted one season and then had the same issue with the wheels staying at correct height. Just wanting something that will last a good two years and three would be even better.
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