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Originally Posted by Schrock Lawns
Sod here costs 100 per 500 sf I was thinking around 500 a pallet graded and installed
A dollar a square foot are here anyway sounds really cheap. I'm not doing that kind of work anymore but there's no way I would have done removal, regrading and installation for that much. Some questions that you would need to answer for yourself before determining a price:

How are you removing the old sod? A sod cutter IMO is the most efficient as far as minimizing waste to haul off, but if the old lawn is really uneven a sod cutter may not work well. Also just my opinion, but DON'T rototill the old sod under. While trying to regrade the clumps of old sod will drive you insane. If you know a guy with a Harley Rake or can rent one that's probably the best option.

How much soil will you need to import for regrading?

How much material needs to be moved around for regrading, and how long will it take you to do it?

How are you disposing of waste material- sod, excess dirt, rocks, roots, etc.?

Don't underbid this job, if you haven't done these before you may find that there is more to it than you think.
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