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Originally Posted by jiggz View Post
The problem I have with the echo is really my prefference on how i like to run trimmers.. I always like to take the guard and slide it up an inch..this will alow me to run 2 more inches of line, but still giving me the protection.. every trimmer I have ever used, performs 100 times better with another inch or 2 of line end of story.. And you cant do that with the Echo because the guard is bolted to the underside of the gearbox,..Plus Echo heads are garbage unless you get the speedfeed.. they are really bad to load..

After replacing the guard with one off an old redmax, and using a head off an old redmax. i dont mind the trimmer but out of the box there are better machines
You are wrong on about everything. The guard comes off and with the high torque head you can run a lot more line. And if you ask them they will put the honda bump head on and that has been around forever. And the speed head is garbage if you actually use it a lot. They wear quickly and then vibrate. And try loading that thing out in 100F.....
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