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Originally Posted by PlantscapeSolutions View Post
The thing you really need to take into account with EDDM is your not filtering your target market. Your hitting old homes, new homes, lower priced homes, as well as the more expensive ones that make the best clients. Your true cost to use EDDM is actually much higher because your going to have a lot of waste. You will be sending a lot of cards to homes that are not your target market.

You also need to be aware that the filtered mailing lists that most direct mail places use by default are crap. If you want a really good mailing list you need to deal with a place like InfoUSA that can use a multitude of filters to really hit your target market. There are a few other places similar to InfoUSA but they are the company I use.

For the actual printing you need to check out The picture I used for printing was about 10 megs and the printing quality at cactus was amazing. I priced Adeas to see how they compared and cactus beat the pants off them. Not even close.

My target market is only high end (750K plus) and homes built no later than 1990. People with newer homes tend to be willing to invest in them while people with older homes tend to become complacent and think the stale aging landscape looks just fine.

I would caution anyone pondering EDDM to really scrutinize the facts and the waste associated with not doing focused mailings.

there is not much waste when there are 8000 households in your area and all 8000 are in the market that i want. I only operate within 3 square miles of my house, we are pretty productive with the work we do and we never travel far or have waisted driving time between locations because MAX is 10 minutes away from our furthest account. There are 4 million dollar homes in my area, along with thousands of 1 million dollar houses, and prob 3,000-4000 500k dollar houses. and very few 250k houses

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