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Originally Posted by ztrguy View Post
I'm a full time lawn guy with commercial zero turn mowers. I need a new push mower and won't be using it much. But I would like something that will run good and last more than a year or so. I noticed that home depot now sells a couple of Honda mowers. One is 699 and I think the other is 599. The reviews are great on the Honda push mowers. What do you guys think of these push mowers? Anyone have one? Thanks!
I don't cut, I fix. In my not so humble opinion, if you're wanting a good long lasting push mower, get one with a B&S side valve engine. The best, hands down. Stay away from the OHV engines... yer buyin' a lawn mower, not a race engine. K.I.S.S. The outfit I wrench for has a bunch of em, and the engines give very little trouble! And they get beat up pretty good. Now the mowers themselves are pretty much junk. But if you get a good brand, look at the deck and wheel adjusters closely, you should be able to tell a good one from a junk one.
Looks like the current B&S side valve lineup includes the 725EX, 725exPlatinum, 675ex, 675exGold, 625E, plus smaller ones.
Go to the B&S site and clich on lawn mower engines.
Another thing you can do on a push mower is bump the rpm's up to at least 3,450, it will cut a whole lot easier and smoother, and won't affect the warranty.
It ain't rocket science! far.
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