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Originally Posted by dstifel View Post
First of all I've openly admitted multiple times I've had little to no hardscape experience. What I did say is that I've had a lot of concrete and construction experience. If you are amazed by people needing assistance then why are you on this forum isn't the point of it to help each other and to ask questions? Also I don't plan on becoming a full time hardscaper just am trying to take advantage of a good situation to learn and expand my skills. I'm sorry for using the word bid would estimate be a better choice? Got me stumped on that one?
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My comment(s) is/are derived from Papercutter providing you some good feedback about your prices, as you did ask what folks thought of them. And then you responded that you're confident of your price for a aspect of the project. But earlier you said money wasn't an issue. Then you said you're doing the work for $25 an hr as a learning experience. And then you wanted feedback of your prices!

We all start somewhere And we all continue to learn new stuff

If it's a friend - then just tell them $25 an hour or $200 per day and leave it at that.

I find it to be a pain in the butt working for some friends. I have a friend whom I'm helping with grading such, for free. He said he had an old building cleaned out and ready to be demoed. I get there and it's not cleaned out. With me only available to help him on Sundays - he shoulda had it done so we could rock and roll with what I was there to do for him.

The building required some sawing of the structure. He moaned and groaned about the grunt work and stood there starring at it hoping an easier way would jump out at him. The time he spent standing there looking at it was time ticking away.

I told him he'll need a roll off container, as it will take 3-4 trips to the landfill with my truck. Basically an entire Saturday. I can have a roll off loaded in 2 hrs and be back on my way home. He doesnt seem very willing to pay $450 to $600 for a roll off! By the time he pays the landfill fees and my fuel - it'll be damn close to $450.00.

So - if this is a friend of yours - its best to work for an hourly fee. This way if your friend slips in other features (they always do), or is supposed to help you but spends alotta time yelling at his wife - then you're covered. Friends are not accustomed to productivity. They tire out. They have to check their Facebook every 8 minutes. Just a PITA. And like I said "oh, we decided to add this lighting in here", but they somehwe never ask you how much more it will be! So if they're paying you hourly - then they can add and change things and Facebook all they want.

The term "bid" is what you do with commercial work. You submit a "bid with the intent of being the lowest bidder to land the contract. In the residential market - no one wants to be the lowest bidder. We want to sell quality and all that nice sounding stuff. And you can not sell quality when you're trying to be the lowest.

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