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I'll help you there Brandon,
The law states $2500 for the lifetime of the work billed per site/address.

This figure needs to include backflow device and the water meter cost/values even if they arent a part of the installers contact, they are still a part of the irrigation "system"

The dollar figure cannot exceed 2500 hundred for that perticular site, so your talking a pretty small job. Once you exceed that amout whether its an install or repairs its a crime.

There are 26 NC Irrigation Board Paid Investigators for the state, which i am one. I have investigated 2 people in the last week as unlicensed contractors. And i will say they are putting the hammer down, legal wise. No warnings.

Brandon, did you make it to the green and growing show last week? I looked for you and didnt see you....

Hudson, Theres no say as to what you can and cannot do other than keep the repairs under the statutory limit. I would keep in mind also that if you're unlicensed there will be times that you might run into another contractor or get stopped "working in the neighborhood" and they'll want to know your license #. Its better for yourself and the industry to get licensed (you'll have to take the test) as soon as you can if you plan to continue in the biz.

PM me if you want to know more about the laws etc,
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