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Originally Posted by R Q View Post
I've been buying from JD/L forever, since before they had pro stores. Lately I've been shopping around because I think that they think they have a monopoly on the industry. I also think their quality has fallen off.
BUT they are very convenient to me and my needs. When I do get supplies from other vendors I always feel "suspect" about their products. But I usually get better pricing from these other vendors.
JD/L is a pretty good one stop shop for ferts, seed, herbicides, sprinkler parts, and the occasional lighting needs. But I can always beat their price...
For those of you who have used them and then jumped ship, how has it gone for you?
We jumped off the Lesco boat 3 years or so ago. Our rep left and we went too. Their prices are higher than other most other places also. You need to call Green Resource . I deal with Spencer. All the guys over there are very helpful and know what they are talking about
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