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I understand what your saying on a lot of it. Just to clear up one thing what i meant on confident on my price is soley on the "construction" aspect of it. Being the concrete and open air shelter. I also said that i would re look over my prices on the hardscaping stuff. Also on the 25$ an hour that i stated is included in the price with me estimating how much time each phase of the project will take. I would assume that most of you work for a rate that is greater then 25$ which is why i mentioned it is for a family friend in order to keep people off my back about being a lowballer.

I also get what your saying about friend being a PITA but this one will not be helping in any way shape or form. I have taken a lot of time figuring out what my actual cost for all this will be. Then i estimated my amount of time it will take to labor wise. I have since gone back and added one full day to each stage of the project. I also went back and put a 15% mark up on material just in case i run short here and there.

Dually noted on the term bid makes a lot of sense to me and i will keep that in mind for the future.

I have looked through your work and have no doubts that you are very successful at what you do and did not mean any insult to you. You do great work and are defiantly someone i would take advice from.
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