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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post
You are wrong on about everything. The guard comes off and with the high torque head you can run a lot more line. And if you ask them they will put the honda bump head on and that has been around forever. And the speed head is garbage if you actually use it a lot. They wear quickly and then vibrate. And try loading that thing out in 100F.....
I said the guard comes off!! That was the whole point of my statement. The problem is you cant move it to another location on the shaft like you can shaft mounted guards..If you just straight up take it off totally YOUR AN IDIOT and a LIABLITY! Unless you like getting smacked in the face with **** and throwing stuff 75 feet..

Ask Homedepot to switch out an Echo head and to put on a Honda head for you? Where do you get your information from?? Try that and watch them laugh at you!! I don’t even know if a dealer would do that for you unless you are a Really good customer and if that was the case he wouldn’t be considering a Troy built or asking about trimmers on a website

The speed feed head is garbage yes! yes!yes! That is why I switched to a Redmax head, If I thought it was a good head I would have used it

Im right on everything..You agree with most of it!! I have no idea what most of your post has to do with any of mine
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