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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
Define fail.
It must be nice to be so successful that you have free time to troll a hard working, humble, eager individual. Please omnipotent one, please PLEASE share more of your words of wisdom. Schlep.

At OP, only you can answer this. However, If you are looking for some encouraging words, I say 'If you know, you know' and if it is all you can think about day and night... you know. Having been on both sides, I will say that gainful self-employment is the most challenging, rewarding and frustrating thing you will ever do. Watch your money. Covet it. Do not buy anything until you have to. Year one (again) means no vacations and no new toys. Your credit is your lifeline; only use it as an absolute last option. Oh, and one other sentiment, disregard comments from those who try to hold you down. I do not know one single successful person in any industry who spends their time belittling people just starting out.

Cheers and keep us posted.
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