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i can tell this is your first year in business. and can also tell that you are young. let me tell you, it is not a get rich quick business. I thought that 4 years ago when i started ''offically'' and it is not by no means.

So I like that you are trying to get out there and get a business going. Good for you, I not typing this to put you don't or dash your dreams. it says you are from Fairfax and so am I.

I know the area and have lived here all my life and have been doing this since I was 15, I am 22 not. I have been ''officially'' in business for 4 years and I can tell you in this area you will not get a 100 customers your first when you pass them out. Its the wrong time of the year. you can still aerate but people are not spending 250-400 on aerating their lawn. they are more worried about spring clean ups and Mulching.

I am not trying to down you. just giving you reality. my personal experience with flyers around here are a no go.

I have read in other posts that you are using or would like to have two 60'' z turns. bad decision. if you plan on have 2 pieces of equipment 10k each (may not be just what most cost) on the average lawns in the area 5-9k sq ft. you are crazy and setting yourself up for failure.

I currently have 60'' walk and 36inch walk. works perfectly, and works just fine for a solo worker that has 5 lawns of 3 acres a piece. mowing with trimming and clean up average 1.5 to 2 hours a piece. not bad for a solo. now two 60s just does not make any since and way too much overhead for a start up.

with the aerating, thinking you could gross potentially $27,000 would be awesome, if you do hats off to you, put reality, that is not going to happen. companies don't even make that in the fall when people are aerating and seeding.

Like I said before, advertise spring clean ups, hedge trimming, mulch etc. spring fertilizer with pre emergants, mowing. secure that mowing contract first, then aerate them in the fall. get your self established. you don't wana go out and try to purchase all this equipment and realize you arnt going to get all this work and be in a bad situation.

im telling you this to help you, not trying to demolish your dreams but just telling you reality.
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