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Well now that you brought me back into this conversation ( I didn't ask for this promotion) let me tell you a little something about Nilsson's Labor Time Data Handbook ... first of all it took me off and on four (4) years to develop it. Lot of people use it. Who? glad you asked:<p>Over 5,000 landscapers nationwide<br>Disney World maintenance operations<br>United States Government Facilities<br>Harvard, Yale, M.I.T. all the top colleges<br> and teaching universities<br>Busch Gardens, Mirage Resorts, Hilton Hotels<br>Towns, and park departments in US and Canada<br>Horticultural teaching colleges<br>Sold by PLCAA, CLCA, Lawn & Landscape Mag,<br> Landscaper Publications, Ohio State Univ.<br>In use by every major city grounds dept<br>Williamsburg Historical Society<br>Hershey Foods, Toyota, San Diego Zoo, Environmental Care Industries, Brickman, The US Navy, West Point Military Academy, Cities of Norfolk, Atlanta, Boston, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and so on and so forth.<p>Each year the Labor Time Data gets upgraded, new items of work are being added. The current addition has over 500 separate work tasks times that cover most of the work that landscapers, maintenance people do. For those who didn't know ... now you know. The success of this book is just the tip of the iceberg as to plans I have on the drawing board right now that will wake up this industry as never before. <p>Do I need more help selling this book to viewers at this site? I don't think so.<p>Did I ask that Guido start this post? I don't think so.<p>Do I care if anybody buys Labor Time Data as a result of this long post? I don't need the extra business to tell you the truth. I just wanted to inform that why more landscapers don't have a copy has always been an amazement to me. Everybody should have this book. If you still want it, buy it at at the Online Store. If you don't want it, no problem<p>Modestly yours,<br>Phil Nilsson<br> <br>
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