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@ burnsyscapes

Thanks for the input, it is appreciated and will be taken into advisement. We will see what happens. I'll keep the board posted. For what its worth.... I dont see $27,000 gross a 'get rich quick' scheme by any stretch. It will be a months work for 2 men, full-time. After $1500 in aerator rental, $5500 in seed and $500 in flyers... Im left with $20,000 not including fuel and labor. Between my partner, the company and I; we will be lucky to see $5000 each for a months hard work.

Do you use flyers often?
How many do you drop per interval?
What is your main/best marketing stream?

In regards to mowers and start-up costs etc. I want to thank you again for your time and advice. My mowing is focused on larger areas; I have enough mow-n-blow scheduled to break even on my mowers.

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