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im just sayin you hope to get a 100 customers from it, average of 200+250+380 is is 276 times a 100 customers is 27,666 just saying that wont happen this time of year. no one is aerating, you might get 1 customer if you are lucky. and ill tell you, you might not have the cash in hand, cause I came across this. I rented an aerated in the fall for a month for 1000, biggest mistake, for 2k more I can own one.

I stopped doing them big waste of time and money, my first year out of I passed out I think 10k flyers, got 3 calls, and that was for mowing and spring clean ups. and that what people are looking for this time of year.

you will learn from trial and error. my best market was from word of mouth. I started in a different situation. just neighbors asking for me to cut the grass and by the end of the summer im mowing 20 lawns a week at 15 with no over head. there is so much competition in the area its crazy. within a 30 mile radius of Chantilly there are over 1500 landscapers.

if you have customers that you got, do the best work for them, tell them you will give them discounts to them if they erfer you. you will spend all day on a sunday for 500 buks passing out 5000 flyers to get one or two phone calls on a service that is out of season.

what you said about the equipment, you will learn, I went out and baught a new j.d. zturn and regretaded it fomr the get go. to big, to much over head, too much on gas etc. I cut by myself 10 acres in one day with 1 60 walk behind. get one z turn, it will be worth it.

like I said before take more time on current customers, cause they will only get you more work, DONT be a mow and blow business. I worked for someone that is like that and his business failed. didn't know why.

you can do what you want just giving you a heads up on someone that is within a couple miles from you and started the same way.
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